Mary, Bloody Mary

Greetings to all who have happened upon this, my first post. I have started blogging because I thought that it would help me to practice my writing and get it out into the world–“publicity”.

I know, I know…Another person writing about Anne Boleyn…What could I have to say that’s any different from what’s already been said? Well, a lot, actually.

My fascination with Anne began when I was about twelve. I was looking for something new to read in my school library and tucked between two other hardcover books was a copy of Carolyn Meyer’s “Mary, Bloody Mary”. I read the back. And then the inside cover…before I knew it the bell was ringing and I was well into chapter two. I took the book home and finished it about two days later. I felt so sorry for this young girl, Mary and her poor discarded mother who had been queen.

I hated Anne Boleyn.

I couldn’t get enough of Mary’s story so I went back to the library and found another book–this one was not an historical fiction. It included black and white photos of portraits! I immediately skipped to the photo section and my heart jumped as I opened right to the striking image of a seemingly smirking woman with sharp features and dark hair. Though she was not beautiful, I was entranced, like so many before me. Who was this? Why did she seem to be smirking? On the bottom of the page I read the words “Anne Boleyn–National Portrait Gallery”. Instead of borrowing that book from the library, I went home and spent hours researching Anne Boleyn.


I found that even at a young age, I seemed to have much in common with her. I also found that she was not a grasping “shrew” or a “concubine” who bewitched a king into discarding his true wife, but an amazing, intelligent, charitable, strong, and opinionated woman.

I love Anne Boleyn, and my goal is to write about her so┬áthat fewer and fewer people ask “wasn’t she bad?” in response to that.